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The MSC Data Set

From this page you can download resources we created for modal sense classification as reported in the publication listed below:

  • Heuristically sense-annotated training data acquired from EUROPARL and OpenSubtitles (EPOS, English) [ZFFP15, MZPF16, MF16]
  • Composition of training and testing used for the classification experiments [ZFFP15, MF16]
  • Manually annotated subsection of MASC (English) [MZPF16]
  • Heuristically modal sense annotated training data and manually annotated test data from EUROPARL and OpenSubtitles (EPOS, German) [MF16]

If you make use of this data, please make sure to cite the following publication:


The actual resources can be found in the download section .


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